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Addie, Jonathan, Katie and Nolan at the McCorkles home. Our third Christmas...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bartelmeys Home, Marseilles, IL

Visiting Friends - Bartelmeys & McCorkles

Jonthan and I spent the last couple days visiting with Ted, Sheryl, Leo and Savanna Bartelmey out at their place. I can't believe I didn't get any pictures though! The kids spent hours playing outside in the snow while Sheryl and I visited. (Maybe that's why I missed the pictures.) Jonathan had a ball. They played with the sleds. They built snow furniture but according to Jonathan, the big event was the bump he and Leo built on the road. He and Leo built what looked like a speed bump and hid behind the pine trees when the UPS truck came. When the UPS truck drove over the bump, it made their day!

We headed back to mom's Friday afternoon before it got dark. It was good to see Tom and mom again after being gone for a couple days and a night.

Saturday morning we got up, had a nice breakfast with mom then spent a good chunk of time trying to convince her to come with us in the RV as we head out. The verdict was out when we left but we spent a good three hours talking at the breakfast table after we were done eating. I haven't done that in a long time.

We finally got headed back out to Ottawa. Today, we are getting together with our friends the McCorkles. We were on the leadership team with them at church and have really missed them so it was great to get together. We felt right at home. We will see them again in the morning at church along with some other friends.

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