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Today I finally packed my bags and said goodbye to Tarcoles, my home for the previous four months in Costa Rica.

As of Yat's schedule, there were lots to be done in the five hours between waking up and catching my bus - collecting clean and dried clothings, packing bag, returning leftover materials, giving a souviner "Locura de Lapas" print to people who helped with the festival, briefing Alex on the bridge building project (not progressed past initial ideas stage since January), cleaning out room, eating lunch and saying goodbyes. Luckily have allowed myself plenty of time to walk from the house to the bus stop, hence managed to say goodbye to everyone I needed to.

Although I had always meant to leave around this time, I needed to give myself a few days to mentally prepare for the leaving. Still it was sad knowing I would most probably not be able to see the Ticos whom I saw day in, day out for for four months. Had to sadly shake my head and say "I don't know" when they asked when I will return. Of course that I want to come back, to see how everyone is doing, to follow up on projects (bridge building, Locura de Lapas 2006???, more conservation work with the scarlet macaws), see more of the surrounding areas etc. It is also so easy to continue with this pace I am used to, in this familar environment... But at the same time, my plan was to see more of the continent, there are still so many places which I am excited to see and activities to do... Not only are there many many more new countries I like to explore, I don't realistically know if I would have the time and money to do all this.

Though Mirian, Yahaira and Marieth cried, and I know people meant it when they said they miss me, and didn't want me to go, I am so happy and grateful that I had such a fantastic opportunity to live with them, work with them and learn from them. I will look back on my time in Tarcoles with lots of fond memories, and hope that we should be able to meet up again somewhere, sometimes...

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