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Zach forced by scary clown to have a picture together

The Teatro Nacional at night

It's a funny old world. The person I sat next to on the bus from Orotina to San Jose is a Tico called Omar whose grandmother was my neighbour in Tarcoles. We had some good chat on the village, Costa Rica and even chemisty (he's on his way to his exams) on the way. Helped me with the debriefing of Tarcoles, and stopped me from feeling too sad about leaving, and oh, practising Spanish too! Even looked up two words in my dictionary, which has been sitting on the shelf gathering dust for months.

Also looked forward to seeing a familar face again in San Jose. My 19 year old brother Zach (origin: Canada, adopted: Antigua, Guatemala) emailed a few days ago to say he was in Costa Rica and looked like we would be able to co-ordinate meeting up tonight. As for me, I was quite looking forward to dinner! Impressively enough, I managed to keep to the schedule I proposed to him in the email, and even more impressively, he happened to walk across the lounge of his hostel as I walked in - he hasn't even checked his emails today! Admittedly, I was worried he might look different - not seen him for five months! - but he was still his cheerful bouncy self. Actually his hair is now even bouncier now, as the front curls coils back up and out of his eyes. His hair is quite appropriate for Costa Rica, as it floats around his face like the canopy of a tree. He is still holding out from having his hair cut (only 1.5 months left of his trip!)...

Walked aimlessly chewing on his bread around San Jose, after another failed attempt to watch a show at the Teatro Nacional (no performance tonight) and passed over the prospect of a horror movie, or X-rated stuff at the cinemas. Eventually stumbled across a Mexican place, which was actually ran by a couple of Peruvian guys. They were very friendly and even ran out to the store to buy some cas juice for us (Zack wasn't too impressed with my recommendation... though the bottle doesn't quite compare to Mirian's fresh cas juice!) and cooked up some nice mushroom burritos for me... yummy!!

Caught up with our various travelling experiences at the square in front of the Teatro Nacional before heading over to Pops for some ice cream. Though it was cold, I decided to treat myself to a double scoop of "passion of the cake" and "brownie dynamite", and Zach had chocolate cookie dough, thus combining all the flavours we both liked. When we walked past a Japanese resturant, was inspired to warm up again with some hot sake. Unfortunately we couldn't work out how to get up to the restuarant, but luckily, found another one shortly after. Hmm, it was sooo good, must go back for some sushi at some point!!!

Time seems to fly, and my energy level seems to outlast everyone's closing time. Zach's bed was calling to him at 11:30 as we laid on the beanbags at my hostel, looking at the stars painted on the ceiling. Good thing is I can finally do some catching up with the internet! Horray!!

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