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My hotel for the next few days... Rocking J


Hammock hotel!

On the beach, grabbing something to eat

Youths chilling and waiting for rain to pass

Walking to the Caribe Bus terminal at Yats speed, fortunately managed to buy the last ticket for the bus to Puerto Viejo. As was confusedly looking for my seat, heard someone call my name. Was about to dismiss it as yet another Latino saying "ya" or something, looked up and saw Susy and Ivan looking almost as surprised as I was. If I had been updating my journal as well as I could have, you would remember they were the English couple Jack and I met at Manuel Antonio. They remember us as the people they thought were trying to get dog s**t off their feet, as we were frantically scribbling the details of the "Locura de Lapas" festival in the sand.

Can you believe that! Seemed to be bumping into people everyday! Back on the travelling circuit again, and hope to bump into someone hunky from a previous trip... hehehe. Anyway, it was good to catch up with them, and convinced that would see them again somewhere on the Carribean, forgot to get their email addresses... Whoopsy...

Anyway, made friends with a Dutch and German girl (Martine and Nadine), and kinda clung onto them throughout my stay in Puerto Viejo. We all planned to stay at Rocking Js, but I braved it out in the hammock hotel, wondering if I would fall out that night.

However my re-seeing of the Carribean was almost like my first sighting of it back in Guatemala... It was wet and grey. We managed to walk into town (10 mins in the rain) andspent most of the afternoon eating at Bambú (bad food) and waiting out the rain. We then drunk tea at the Chile Rojo, a Thai/middle eastern place with lots of yummy sounding dishes, where I wanted to take Zach to try out more ethnic food.

Then it was time to eat dinner, and we hopped across to the huge outdoor cinema place, and caught the end of "Meeting the Fouckers" before trying to enjoy "Alexander". It was hard, as the sound system had to compete against the loud sound of the rain. Then there were lots of other peoples heads in the way. And my food was basically the same as the typcial rice and beans (no exotic Carribean sauce!!), as well as being cold. Then there were the snakes in the movie, not to mention a pretty bad movie in general.

But! Enough complaining! Slept better than I expected in the hammock, and didnt fall out at all. It was sometimes a little cold, and though could hear the rain throughout the night, I didnt get wet at all!

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