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The Palisades Dam

A park & RV park behind the dam-not for me.

the view across Palisades reservoir

"antler" entrance to Jackson Hole city park

Our first views of the Grand Tetons

Look close for the airplane heading straight for "JourneyOn"(the airport is behind...

Mama moose and her baby along the road

Mt. Moran over Oxbow bend in the snake river

a white pelican fishing in the snake river

Our campground moose and her twins

Grand Teton over Jackson Lake at Colter Bay Marina

Yellowstone Bison and their babies

Yellowstone Bull Elk feeding in a meadow

This Elk decided to cross the road in front of us

Natural re-growth in the Yellowstone fire damaged area

another great waterfall

Look at the snow along the road in Yellowstone

the snake river canyon thru yellowstone

We crossed the continental divide 3 times in Yellowstone

A really interesting tree

Kepler cascades

2 baby bison resting along the road

waiting for "old fairthful" to blow


more geysers in Yellowstone

the morning glory pool

the paint pots.

the mud pots

another geyser

"all animals" rule here-they HAVE the right of way-OK

Evening over Yellowstone Lake

Road to the mountains-John D. Rockefeller,Jr. Memorial parkway

antelope in the field-antelope flatts

Cunningham cabin

A grizzly and 3 cubs(hard to see-1cub the dark spot on right,another...

The Jackson Lodge table where"cold war" agreements were signed in 1989

Teton glacier

The chapel of the transfiguration in Yellowstone

View from inside the chapel-still active every Sunday

Storm over the Tetons- we only got sprinkles

The storm moves in

The storm moves out

Left Idaho Falls Friday am and headed to Jackson,Wyoming. Drove thru some beautiful country, seems like I keep saying that, but it all IS so beautiful and different. Jackson & Jackson Hole, Wyoming area have city parks with "Antler" entrances- arbors made from deer and elk antlers. We stayed at Colter Bay Nat. campground and had no problem with room enough for our Teton, the national park campground has no hookups, but they have a seperate rv park with hook ups for those who need or want them. We were lucky and got a neighbor who also has solar so "no generator noise" he said. Our park was only $6. a night with Dave's golden age pass(sometimes it's nice to be old..) We had a great 3 days in the Grand Tetons and driving up to Yellowstone for a day, sure wish we could have stayed longer but we will be back. Saw lots of great scenery and lots and lots of animals including herds of Bison with babies, herds of Elk, deer, Moose mom's and babies, and Dave even got a chance to see a Grizzly bear with 3 cubs, not very close tho so pictures aren't as good as he saw. The park volunteers were great and had lots of info about the area-he told us about the grizzly and also about the moose with twins who wanders thru our park. We saw lots of great views of the Tetons and waterfalls and the yellowstone River. Waited to watch "Old Faithful" blow again and took pictures with my phone to send to my Mom. I could write on and on but the pictures will tell you much more so will end here and share lots of pictures .

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