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Sunday, August 20, my birthday, we drove to Elkhart, Indiana. We arrived there mid-afternoon at the Elkhart Campgrounds, a very large, nice, well-kept campgrounds and only $26 a night. When we drove in, Carol recognized one of the rigs there as being one of the instructors we had at the RV Life on Wheels conference we went to in Bowling Green, Kentucky in May. It was a very distinctive, home made conversion of an old bus. That is why she knew the rig. He and his wife give classes, write books and publish a newspaper on how to be a frugal RVer. We stopped by so that Carol could buy a book that they ran out of at the conference. Later that afternoon we used the GPS to find a Wal-Mart and then Carol took me out to supper since it was my birthday. The GPS took us way south of town to find the Wal-Mart and we later found out there was a new store very close to the campground, but it was not listed in the GPS. This GPS has been well worth the money we spent on it to help find locations, but sometimes it doesn't know everything. Elkhart, Indiana is known for being the RV capital. Many manufactures build their RV's here and they use Amish workers that have settled in this area. The 5th wheel trailer we use to have, was built here. Also located here is an RV and Motorhome Museum that I wanted to see. The Museum was closed today (Sunday) so we decided to stay an extra day at this campground and see the museum the next day. Monday morning when I was walking Sadie, a red pickup drove up beside me and it turned out to be one of the couples that was on the Great Lakes Tour we had just finished a few days ago. They were heading back to their home state of Minnesota and had stopped at this campground on their way home. Small world. They were on their way to take a tour of one of the RV factories. Carol and I went to the RV Museum and then we drove about 15 miles east of town to have an Amish family style chicken dinner. It was a great meal but Carol was particularly found of the dinner. She said the chicken tasted just like the way her mom use to make it, in an old cast iron skillet. Of course, they had all the trimmings and the meal included a choice of dessert. They had 21 different varieties of homemade pie to choose from. We both thought it was well worth the short drive out of town. Tuesday, we are headed for the Iowa, Illinois border for our next stop for the night.

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