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Saturday, December 29, 2007.

River Road RV Park, TN

Driving back to Tennessee

We left Mom's house this morning about 8:30. The drive went pretty well. The roads were okay and traffic wasn't too bad.

We arrived back at Steven's place around 4:30 and started getting the RV ready to go again. Loaded up the bikes, unplugged, pulled up the jacks, etc. We were heading down the driveway. Tom was leading with the RV and I was following in the Yukon because our drive wasn't all that far to the campground. The GPS was telling us to make a left turn out of the driveway so Tom proceeded. Things were going fine until the back wheels got close to the end of the driveway. There was a culvert on both sides of the road and both sides of the driveway. It looked like the RV was going to make the turn but from what we could tell later, the soft ground (from the rains they had the past couple days) and just being on the edge of the driveway, the ground gave way and the back left wheel dropped into the culvert. The RV was literally sitting on it's belly and was completely blocking the road. One of the cargo bay doors was folded a little bit on that side and the wheels were spinning.

Tom started calling to see if we could get a tow truck. Jonathan was really nervous at this point. He was in the RV with Tom when the RV went into the culvert and it probably felt like the whole RV was going to roll.

The gentleman (a commercial truck driver) who came out from the house across the road, suggested a towing service in the area and went in to get the phone number for us. Fortunately, the road wasn't a real busy one. There were only five cars that drove by the whole time we were out there.

Steven came back and found us blocking his driveway and the road. He had a diesel truck and was able to get up the driveway. He ran into the house and came out in his work clothes. He went up to his out building and brought a bunch of wood out. The tow truck arrived at about this time along with five other guys. Steven and Tom had come up with a system of putting the jacks down, piling boards under them and then letting the RV down on the boards. They kept doing that until the RV was level and Tom was able to back it back up on the driveway again. There was minimum damage compared to what it could have been though so we had that for which to be thankful.

At this point, we started out for the campground again. Little did we know, we had more adventures for the night. Tom was following what Mapquest was telling him but Mapquest was wrong. We ended up down this old country road that lead to the driveway of one big beautiful house! Wrong place though. At this point I wouldn't have minded to just knock on the door and ask if we could camp somewhere along their road and assure them that we would be gone at a reasonable hour in the morning but we turned around and tried again. We called the campground and the lady who owned the place gave us directions and we headed that way. By this time it's 9:00 PM or after. She said she would meet us at the highway in her car since she wasn't allowed to post any signs. Long story. We saw her car as we passed it. We turned around and followed her on into the campground and then called it a night.

The funny thing now is when I think back to how scared Jonathan was that night about everything that happened, I find it hard to believe that this is the story he tells when someone asks him "What's your favorite thing about RVing?" Jonathan's answer is along the lines of "The night our RV got stuck in the culvert and........."

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