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Docking at Almirante...

...and its water architecture

Despite having planned to leave the islands, was still pretty misty as to how to go about it. Didnt know what time the boat left, not to mention not being very efficient in finding a breakfast place and getting rid of our dirty laundry. Found a healthy breakfast place with yanni bread and homemade ice cream, which was very good and delicious, not to mention much cheaper than the places we have been eating at!

We finally took the 2:30pm boat to Almirante, which is closer to Bocas than Changuinola, as well as closer to the road to David, and costs almost half the price. Well done to Zach for spotting all of that, and saving us lots of time! However, the journey wasnt quite as interesting as passing through the various canals and being tossed about on the rough seas, but I was busily immersed in my chocolate ice cream (hey hey Marieth!!), so that was ok. The river houses near the port were stunning though, you can almost feel the love and sweat that was put into building them!

It was lucky we got pursueded into taking a taxi to the bus terminal, as we pulled up just in time to catch the hourly bus to David, just as it was leaving. Thought the American-English couple we spoke to were also on the bus, but luckily we didnt have a penny to throw at them, cos they turned out to be strangers...

The journey to David was beautiful, passing through small mountainside habitations - literally the odd houses here and there. They all seemed to be on a little hill, complete with indigenous children in bright colourful clothes posing for the world to see as the bus passed by. Most of the houses were also beautifully built with the local wood. However, I didnt enjoy the journey quite as much after the service stop. The only food available was marsh potatoe for me, so I opted for the special fried rice, again donating the small meaty bits to my bruderchen Zach. A mixture of the meaty taste, grease and windy windy road made me feel slightly sick, and I wanted desperately something fruity to take away the taste. Or maybe some pringles could also have done the job...!

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