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Christine at Southernmost Point

Key West Lighthouse. The only one in the US within city limits

Hens are Everywhere - Especially Roosters

SIgn on Cornish Memorial Church

Cornish Memorial Church

County Court House

Iain & Christine at Mile 0 of Highway 1

Key West Post Office

SIgn at Little White House

Explaining the building

Little White House

Briefing room in Little White House

Norwegion Pearl

Sign at Oldest House in Key West

Oldest House in Key West

Clock on Duval Street

Ruins of West Martello Tower

Fountain in the Garden

A flower in the garden

Christine at dinner

We woke today to dull skies and high winds, quite a contrast to the sun and blue skies of the past two days. We followed much the same pattern of yesterday. We rose and got ready, had breakfast, collected our things then we walked to the Southernmost Point accessible to the public of the continental USA. After being told repeatedly that this was the "Southernmost", we discovered that it was not quite. Another headland further round, but on Naval property was further south. The "southernmost house" no longer qualifies as a potential buyer, thwarted in her quest to purchase the house, built one further south. After being told that it was 90 miles to Cuba, we discovered that it is, in fact, 95 miles, but Kennedy said it was 90 at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis and that has stuck.

We then walked up to the Little White House, so named after President Truman set up shop there for 175 days of his presidency. We took a tour, which, while discussing the house, centred around Truman's accomplishments. It was very interesting and we learned a lot about the man and the way he ruled - quite a contrast to the present incumbent. Regrettably, photography was not allowed inside the house, though Christine managed to get one in the briefing room prior to the tour.

We left there and walked around the harbour before going a short distance to the oldest house in Key West. It has been well maintained or renovated. It looks in good condition with a metal roof and sparkling white paint. We continued down Duval Street to a French patisserie where we had croissants and desert for lunch. We walked back to the hotel and replenished our supplies and took the car to drive round by beaches we had seen yesterday. We stopped at one of the old forts, the West Martello Tower and went in. It is a garden maintained by the Key West Garden Club. It was quite interesting and we walked around stopping to watch a kite surfer out in the bay. We had almost exhausted what the garden had to offer when it started to rain, so we headed back to the car. We continued to drive along and the rain did not come o much, unlike last night. We stopped a couple of times to look out to sea, but the wind prevented us from enjoying the good walk that we had anticipated.

We continued round, making a circuit of the island, stopping for gasoline and some odds and ends at a grocery store. When we returned to the hotel I sorted out our photos and Christine read.

Later we went round the corner to the French Cafe and had dinner. The Paris atmosphere was emphasized by a couple of dogs brought in by diners, just as you would see in the French city. The helpings were enormous and I am not sure I ate half of mine. Christine fare a bit better, but still left some of hers.

We walked up Duval for a few blocks the came back down to the seafront, but the pier we had walked on in previous nights was awash with the wind bringing the surf in, so we stood on dry land for a while watching the crowds at the "Southernmost" house celebrating what we assumed was a wedding.

We walked back to the hotel and tidied up our things into our luggage in preparation for our return to Fort Lauderdale tomorrow.

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