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a view of Casper,Wy

"Pony Express"bronze at the National Historic Trails Interpretive center

Antelope in the fields of the trail center

a Mule deer outside our Camp Teton sites

a last night view of Camp Teton

The not so wild bunnies abound here

Our last sunset in Wyoming for now

Just a short note, I'll add some pictures and more comments later but FINALLY we are ready to hit the road this morning. So on to Montana we go today. Heard about a nice park so will stop to see Custer's last stand,etc. It's been a long week but at least it turned out cheaper than we thought even tho we have more work to do when we get to Mn. Thanks to Virge for his offer to help. Be there soon. Anxious to see family. More later Ok, it's much later than I expected to be but I am finally back on here and will update our trip back to Mn. now. Posted some of our last pictures from Wyoming here, spent an afternoon at the National Historic Trail Center and Dave really enjoyed that, they have the history of many of the trails west including: The Oregon trail,the Mormon trail, The California trail, the pony express trails(we just missed a reinactment of that last week) and a great movie that puts you right in the wagon going down the trail. Found the 7th.Calvery RV park in Garryowen, Montana and just missed a bad storm here. Last night they had very high winds, maybe a tornado(small trees damaged) and baseball size hail that took out windshields in motorhomes, damaged roofs and sides of rv's and trucks in the park, luckily no one was hurt and other than the damaged units they have already cleaned up the park, This is a fairly new park and the BEST layout we've ever seen. really nice pull thrus, some with full hookups and some with limited and all terraced so nobody looks in anyones windows, sometimes over the top but that's a beter view than windows. The owners are really nice and gave us lots of info on the area so will spend tomorrow am going to the museum and the battlefield of the Little Bighorn.

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