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Saturday, August 25, we arrive back to the home base, Liberty, MO. We park in the backyard of daughter Michelle's house. The next few days we visit with the family and get some things done on the RV. I mowed and trimmed Michelle's lawn (I thought that was the reason to go RVing so as not to do yard work?)since we are using her electricity and water. The main reason for returning though was for Carol to get surgery done on her elbow. Carol had a appointment with the doctor Aug. 31. Surgery was on Friday Sept. 8th. We had to be at the hospital at 7:00 am., too early for retired folks. We talked with the doctor and he said it would about 2 hour surgery. They rolled her into surgery about 9:10. At 4:30 the doctor came out to talk to me. He said the surgery went well. That 2 hours turned out to be a 6 hour surgery. He mentioned that during the surgery Carol had some heartbeat fluctuations. Everything was stable now but he was going to put her in a hospital room that monitors the heart. She arrived in her room about 5:30 pm. Tracy came by after work to visit but Carol was pretty much still "out of it" and drowsy. About an hour later the nurses were concerned by her very low blood pressure. They added a different Rx to her IV drip and said we are moving her to Cardiac ICU right now so they can watch her and they did. She was in CICU about 8:30 pm. In this department Carol had a male nurse and I felt very confident with him. He took away her pain medicine button that she can push at her will and adjusted her IV drip so that by 11:30 pm her blood pressure was headed toward a more normal level. Tracy left and shortly after that I went home also. Saturday things looked as they were improving but Sunday Carol had irregular heartbeats and then a spell of rapid heartbeats. More different medicines were added to the IV. By Monday she had improved a lot but they gave her 3 units of blood, a shot in her stomach because her blood sugar was too high and a few other things. She was now her feisty self. She did not remember Saturday or Sunday and that is just as well. By Wednesday they were ready to move here out of ICU but they did not have a room for her, but she was moved into a regular room by Thursday. Now the only problem is to get her Coumadin back to the proper level. That took until Monday evening at 7:00 pm. (Sept 18). She was in the hospital a total of 11 days.

Jump ahead a few days. Carol is much better. She went to the doctor and things looked fine in the x-rays. I did some odd jobs for some people, went to several train meetings and worked a few weekends helping to run the miniature train. We got some laundry done, cleaned the RV and ready to head out again. September 23 we went to see Michelle and Brooke in the Liberty Fall Festival parade and then September 30 went to see Tracy and Devin in the Gladstone Parade. Right after the Gladstone Parade we went back to Michelle's house, got the RV packed up and were headed out of town by 2:00 pm

We are now headed for Wichita to visit relatives, leaving there Monday morning and ultimately heading for Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Hot Air Balloon Fiesta starts October 6th and lasts until October 15th.

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