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Colfax - barge on Red Rivere

Colfax, LA

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Here's looking at you

Horrible traveling day today !!! Took 6.5 hours to go 247 miles, over very rough road. It wasn’t bad until we got into Louisiana. We planned to stay in Leesville, but when we got there the small RV park was full. We were referred to one on the way to Alexandria, but when we got to that one, it was full also. So we called an RV park in Colfax, as we were going to take a county road (8-E) up around Alexandria so we could avoid the heavily-traveled 4-lanes. Boy, was that a mistake. The road was narrow, bumpy, patches everywhere. We kept having to turn different directions so we had quite a bit of sidewind. We rattled all the way… I had to keep getting up and picking stuff off the floor. Then we missed the turn that we had to make onto the Interstate for 1 mile, but got turned around and finally made it to Colfax. Very nice new park along the Red River Lock and Dam, and hardly anyone here. Got our Golden Age discount (half price) because it’s a Corp of Engineer Recreation Area, and the park has free laundry! We may stay here a couple days to regroup before we head over to Natchez (since we still have about 50 miles on this god-awful road…).

Colfax (in Grant Parish) was the site of a riot on Easter Sunday of April 1873. Carpetbag governor William Kellog sparked the conflict by appointing 2 officials in the parish (one elected by whites and one by blacks). About 300 armed blacks forced whites out of office and the whites fought back. There were 125 blacks taking refuge in the Colfax courthouse, which was set on fire. The blacks had waved a truce flag, but then when whites approached they fired on them (killing 2). The angry whites shot the blacks as they fled the burning building. History books say 105 colored and 3 whites were killed, not including about 45 colored thrown into the Red River.

Got 3 loads of laundry done, went to the grocery store for a few items, walked the dog several times, vacuumed the carpet, changed bedding (put the flannels back on to head north…) and now I’m pooped and going to bed. Don’t know when we’ll be able to post again as there are no services at the free campgrounds going up the trace. Will hit a place with wifi when we get off that (which will probably be early next week). Catch you down the road…

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