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As usual when flying, you more or less lose the whole day...

The turbulant was pretty bad, and even at the beginning of the hour and a half flight, I was thinking it was the least smooth flight I have ever had. But when people were finishing their drinks from lunch, the plane suddenly lurched downwards, literally like on a rollercoaster ride. All the lunch trays flew all the way to the ceiling, and the contents of many glasses rained down on the passengers. That was soooo funny!! Not because my glass was already empty, but even the wet passengers were laughing... Afterall, its not everyday that its raining beer...

Quito Airport was a lot more modern than I had expected, but I didnt stray far from my seat at the arrivals. Enjoyed reading "Woman in White" and chatting to some local people, and happy that I understood more or less their accents. More importantly, they seemed to understand me too, so that was good.

Three hours later, Iris strolled down the arrivals lounge, looking fresh from the deepest of British winters. I was there to greet her with a "Bienvienda" balloon, but she didnt recognise me, not expecting me to be quite so tanned. Luckily she doesnt yet know how to tell if someone was from Ecuador or Colombia etc yet...

She was tired from the flight, and we went out for a quick dinner after checking into our hotel. Its slightly on the expensive side, but it should be a good transistion for her to adapt to the rougher sides of Latin America. To her credit, she bore many of my complaints and stories before hitting the pillow, whilst I spent most of the evening finding out from my newly arrived guidebook where to go in Ecuador for the next three weeks..!

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