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Tom spotted this bug on the side of the Yukon and took...

We made it down to the beach this morning to take a...

Deb and Jonathan walking down the beach.

Jonathan draws ARMY pictures in the sand.

Tom teases Jonathan as he tells him he will "throw him in...

Sneaky, sneaky.

Watching the water come in and go out.

I didn't know Tom was watching me. ;-)

My message.

The pelicans fly just above the water fishing for food.

These signs are posted at the boardwalk leading out to the beach...

Jonathan says "good bye" to his friends Kelby and Conner.

Our new campsite at Peace River Thousand Trails in Wauchula, Florida. Stumpy's...

Sunday, January 27, 2008.

Peace River Thousand Trails Park, Wauchula, FL

Good Byes to Friends at Jetty Park and On to Peace River

We made it to the beach this morning to take a walk together. It was kind of cool and windy but it was such a beautiful place that we wanted to spend a little family time together there before we left. When we got down there, lifeguard training was going on. The tide was coming in. We walked for a while then decided it was time to get back to the campground, say good bye to everyone and start packing things up so we could pull out by noon.

Our drive to Wauchula was about two hours. Not too bad. We spent a lot of the time talking about whether or not we wanted to try to go for Alaska this summer or not. Right now we are leaning towards going. After talking to people who have done the trip, it really makes us want to go but we're having a hard time with the idea of passing up so many beautiful places along the way and that is what our time line would require us to do. We need to sit down and run some numbers too so we'll see.

We ran into Joni, the woman who helped us with our OW membership while we were at Indian Lakes Thousand Trails in Indiana. She recognized us and stopped to say hi. Small World.

Peace River is a beautiful park and there's so much to do here! I'll have to figure things out soon in order to get the things in that we really want to do or the week will be gone before we know it.

Tom and Jonathan worked on the roof while I went to gather information this afternoon. Tom made a deal with Jonathan about helping so he was pretty excited. He had the opportunity to earn a little money while helping Dad so that was just cool all the way around.

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