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Saturday, February 2, 2008.

Thousand Trails, Orlando, FL

Thousand Trails Orlando - Carpenters and Evans!

We got up and got things around the RV done so we would know things were ready to go when we walked down by the river to find Stumpy. We did find a gator sitting out in the water but some people said they thought it was a smaller one. I guess we'll have to come back some day.

Jonathan rode his bike a lot earlier this morning. He spent a little bit of time with Jaron. He ran into some kids down the road a few sites from us and was playing football for a while too.

We said good bye to Joni (the woman who had helped us with our membership at the Thousand Trails in Batesville, IN) and Dan (who had told us he had been homeschooled as a kid and works in sales at the Thousand trails in Rockford, IL in the summer) at Thousand Trails, Peace River.

We then drove back to Thousand Trails, Orlando where we had stayed before going to Jetty Park to meet the FOTR group. We are a little ways from Rich and Carol but not too bad. When we went back out to unhook the Yukon, Vern and Kati Evans, from the Jetty Park outing, were out there and walked over to talk for a few minutes. It was so nice to see familiar faces. They gave us their campsite number so we could be sure to hook up once everyone got settled in so that will be nice. Friends!

Once we got things set up at home, Jonathan and I took off on the bikes to look for Rich and Carol. We found their RV and stayed to visit for a little while. Tom was back at our RV working on the satelite dish. He has to connect with the guy who sold it to him tomorrow so he was getting ready for that. Rich and Carol must have been getting ready to eat about the time Jonathan and I arrived. They went ahead and ate dinner then came over to our place for a little while later in the evening.

Jonathan got his shower then hung out with us and played DS while we visited. I layed in bed next to him and read the last chapter in the book we've been reading. When I looked over at him though, he was sound asleep. Busy day! I think I'll end up reading that chapter again. ;-)

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