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One of many same-same stalls lining the streets

Some pretty paintings which I liked...

... I liked these too!

Poncho hung in front of an interesting lamp-post

Iris checking out some coconut rings

Approaching food market, which reminds me of Tegucigalpa (Honduras)

Antigua-like facade building

Central Park... typical Latino style

Interesting wall mural

I like handprints!

After quick shower and some breakfast, we made our way to the bus terminal (now, pretty familiar to us!) to catch a bus north to Otavalo, the famous for their Saturaday market. We were expected lots of people, but we were the only foreigners on the bus (due to later departure than most people's), and the side streets only had a line crowd.

Within a couple of blocks, we felt that we more or less understood the essence of the market. All stalls seemed to be overflowing with the same-same products, despite all claiming to be authentic and self-made. I guess I am simply not much of a shopping person, especially when always aware of the limited baggage space. Nonetheless, did spot a couple of presents for people who I know who like them, and I was very happy.

By late lunch time, just as we found the main market square, it started to rain, and we took refuge in a Mexican resturant. We were told the portions were big, so we shared a bean burrito, which neither of us really liked. Our first bottle of Ecuadorian beer, however, found us understanding it much better.

As we were both tired from the long travelling, we decided to head back to Quito. As we went past the regular food market, I was suddenly inspired to buy some instant noodles for the night's dinner. Iris quickly caught on with the idea, and thus begun a desperate mission. Though most of the grocery stores stocked instant noodles, they were, unfortunatly for me, only available in chicken or beef flavour. Two weeks on, I can tell you, I still have not found a vegetarian flavoured one yet. But I wanted instant noodle so bad, I decided the flavouring doesn't matter anymore, as I have already been fed food with animal extracts in. Many people have asked if I would eat meat if there was nothing else to eat. So far, I still haven't eaten any meat, and even fish, though I have picked out the meaty bits and given up as donations. But when faced with a craving for instant noodle, well, I guess I would just have the chicken flavoured one...

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