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Wells Fargo balloon did opening ceremonies

"Sunny Boy" doing a cold fill

Working inside

"Sunny Boy" in left corner

About to release - See white rope attached to truck

Bottom of Scarecrow

Scarecrow in the air

Other Special Shapes

The Bees

Lower Right - Man putting up a pole

All trying to grab an envelope

More trying for an envelope

Central Missouri State U.

Flying just over us.

Friday, October 13, is the day we planned to go to the Balloon Fiesta. Several other days it has been rained out. Today is supposed to be a beautiful day. Craig took the day off. We got up at 5:15 am so that we can leave at 6:00 am. Again Carol did not sleep very well, she was having trouble breathing even though we are at about 2000 feet lower altitude. She did not go with us, but the rest of us head out in their van so that we can get there for the 7:00 am launch of balloons. It was a cloudless beautiful day but cool that early in the morning. The Fiesta grounds are huge, at least a couple football fields long. Along the edge are rows of vender tents, trying to sell food and almost anything else. The scheduled launch today was the special shapes. There were all kinds of shapes of balloons as you can see by the pictures. I have a couple pictures of Sunny Boy, which belongs to a company in Akron, Ohio. It is 140 feet tall with a double row of rays, the smallest being 25 feet long. He is wide eyed on one side and wearing sunglasses on the other side. I got the data from a trading card that some of the balloonist hand out while you stand around and watch them inflate the balloon. You are allowed to walk around and get up close to any of the balloons. Some times they even recruit some of the crowd to help hold a rope while they fill the balloon. They start the fill process with a "cold fill" which is with a gas-powered fan and then finish the fill with the hot air of the propane flame. After all of those took off, they had everybody clear the field and stand behind a roped off area. In that area they set up four poles about 20 feet tall with an envelope attached to the top of the pole. The envelopes contained money and one of the envelopes had a key to a car. Off from the edge of the field awaited another group of balloonist that were going to participate in this contest. The goal of this contest was to fly low enough to the field to grab one of the envelopes to win the contents of the envelope. That was really neat to watch because they had to fly close to the field and close to us. We saw two crab an envelope and hold on but it took a lot of luck and some skill to get an envelope. We left the Fiesta Grounds about 10:00 am and had some breakfast. When I got back to the RV, Carol was feeling better but had called the cardiologist back in Kansas City. He suggested we go have her heart checked out. We looked up the address of the Heart Hospital in Albuquerque and arrived there about 12:45 pm. You know how slow things happen in an emergency room. They ran many tests and concluded that she was retaining water around her heart and chest. They gave her some lasix (water pill) to eliminate all the retained water by going to the bathroom several times per hour. She eliminated about three quarts. They also gave her an echocardiogram and a CAT scan and were concerned about the blood flow through her artificial heart valve. Just by the tone of the nurse's voice she seemed surprised that Carol has had the heart valve for 19 years. The local cardiologist told Carol she could be released but she wanted to have further tests on the heart valve. The cardiologist said she could have it checked out here or return to Kansas City and have her own cardiologist check it out. Well, of course Carol would rather have her own doctor check it out, so we have decided to head back to Kansas City now instead of continuing with our sightseeing. We finally got out on the Emergency Room at 12:15 am. We spent over 11 hours there.

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