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More pics from the weekend.

We called about Weebles when we got up and he was doing somewhat better. He had eaten and drank during the night (that he spent with Frances in bed).

We had another breakfast buffet, and then packed up and got ready to head out after the noon picnic. Went to the picnic and had a nice lunch and then headed toward Ohio to do some research on the Winger side of Bob’s family. This reunion was for his great grandmother Nancy (Miser) Winger’s side and he wanted to learn more about his great grandfather (Frederick Gotleib Winger). Cliff and Carol, Lois and Darlene were headed to Washington, DC and Bethesda from here. I didn’t realize we were only 75 miles from the capital, but too busy for Bob. Leanne and her sister were headed also to Ohio to do some family research.

In order to not go back over that awful 65 miles, we headed south out of Gettysburg, went into Maryland, then over to West Virginia, then back up into Pennsylvania, then back through West Virginia again and into eastern Ohio. We got to New Philadelphia, Ohio about 6:30 p.m. and got a room for 2 nights. I drove up the street to a Burger King, and Bob had olives for supper.

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