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Rick and Marti

Patio at the Windmill

the Lagoon at the Windmill

Friday July 25th we called our former neighbors, Rick and Marti Everett, who have lived in Chino since May of 2007. They have been asking us to visit them at their new house for such a long time and we decided to take them up on the offer. They have also been bragging about a Friday fish fry near their home.

Chino Valley only has three stop lights. Turn west at the second light and go west about 2 miles and you will turn North on Reed Rd and then you will be in their neighborhood.

The house sits on 2 1/2 acres and they have a 360 degree view of the mountains. The house was built in 2002. All hardwood floors really set the tone for the 2770 square foot house. Rick showed me his get-a-way room on the second floor. It is his "man room". He has all of his sports stuff and some comfortable recliners and a big tv to watch his games, He took me down stairs to Marti's room. It is a sewing room with windows and a great view, A quilt was in progress.

Rick has another hideout under the house. He calls it the "gopher hole". The house is completely built on a stem wall so their is all of this space under the house. Rick has an old couch, lights and all of the comforts of home. I think this is where Marti sends him when he has been a bad soldier? LOL

We headed out to the fish fry dinner. It is called the Windmill and is located on the grounds of a large nursery. If you have been to Buchart Gardens in BC Canada, this is probably how it started many years ago. Ponds, an island with an arched bridge and trees and flowers of all imaginable variety surround the large dinner hall.

The information we got was that this area was developed by the owner of the nursery as a place for weddings and it has just grown from there. We dined on beer battered catfish, coleslaw, potatoes and grilled chicken with desert and iced tea for $10 each. Delicious food and they even had live music. We promised to come back again.

Just as we pulled away from their neighborhood and on the way home we came across a large herd of Pronghorn Antelope in a field near Reed Rd. It is state protected land and they were within 50 feet of us and just grazing away. I have linked a youtube site that has some video of these beautiful creatures. The herd in the video are in southern Arizona near the town of Sonita. Same species as we saw just in a different area of the state. Pronghorn Antelope

Saturday July 26th we shopped for food and supplies to take to our next destination, Canyon Point US Forest Service camp in the Apache-Sitgraves National Forest. We depart Orchard Ranch on Monday the 28th for Canyon Point. It is a 3 1/2 hour drive from here and will be uphill all the way. Our camp in Loop A site B is at 7,700 ft elevation.

It will be considerably cooler there but we will miss the swimming pool here and the near by stores and entertainment. We plan on staying at Canyon Point for two weeks until August 11thand then move on to a State of Arizona campground at Fools Hollow Lake near the town of Show Low. If we get into Fools Hollow for 2 weeks that will take us to the end of August and we may return here to Orchard Ranch or we may be ready to head home to Sun City West. Time will tell us which direction to go.

Thats it for this edition. It may take a few days for another update as we will have to drive into Heber and find a wifi hot spot to get on the internet. Bye for now.

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