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A quiet day today. We finished packing and took our cases to the car to get through the breakfast room before it was too busy then came back and had breakfast. We spoke to the girl who tended the breakfast room and discovered she was from Jamaica. When she learned about our having lived there she changed from the quiet, almost sullen person we had known over the previous days to a happy, animated girl. Quite a revelation and a lesson that first impressions should not be lasting.

We collected the smaller items from our room and finished packing the car. We planned to g in one direction, but discovered that a race we had vaguely hear about was blocking our route, so we went the opposite way and drove through unimpeded.

The drive was mostly in sunshine, though dark clouds menaced from the south. We stopped at the visitors' centre where we had stopped on the way down in the forlorn hope that my hat might be there - alas it was not. Not sure what happened to it.

We drove through from Miami on a different route from we left and arrived too early to check into the hotel so we parked the car and walked over to a Wendys and had a good meal there. We went into a grocery store and picked up some snack for later and returned to the hotel where we found our room had been cancelled. My credit card had been compromised and a replacement card had arrived just before we left home, so when the hotel tried to confirm our reservation with my previous card, it was declined. Funny that they had not indicated that the first time we were here, nor did the hotel (in the same chain) in Key West. As a result our room was not ready. We sat for a while and the desk clerk had changed, so I went to see what was happening and the fellow checked and apologized, checked us in and as he gave s the keys said he had upgraded us for the inconvenience of waiting so long. When we got to our room we saw what he meant. It is immense, with a couch and all the usual features, but Christine's comment when she opened the door was, "Is the dance here tonight?"

We unpacked and sorted out our things then I did some laundry and Christine read and did puzzles. We watched some news and now I am getting the journal up to date and will write a couple of letters.

Tomorrow we plan to go to a mall for Christine to see if she can get some clothes and I may be able to replace my hat.

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