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Friday, October 20, we arrived back in Liberty/Kansas City. We cut short our trip in New Mexico to come back to Liberty to see the cardiologist as recommended by the cardiologist in New Mexico. We knew before we left town on September 30th, that Carol had an appointment for a stress test on November 10 and a Cardiologist appointment on November 13th. When Carol called to get an appointment, they were not in any hurry to see her or move her appointment to an earlier date. They said to just keep the previously made appointments. So, we hurried back to just wait. At least we were back in time for Brooke's birthday party and for Halloween to see Brooke and Devin dressed in their costumes. We spent the next couple of weeks doing just the normal stuff around town. I went to the train meetings; we watched Brooke and Devin several times and waited for the appointments. Carol did the stress test on Nov. 10th and then the doctor on the 13th. The doctor said the stress test went fine but he was still concerned about the heighten blood flow pressure through the artificial heart valve she had installed 19 years ago. They had been watching this issue a year ago and it was also a concern to the doctor in New Mexico. So her local Cardiologist wanted her to visit with a heart surgeon, to see why Carol had the smallest heart valve installed and what could be done about that. On the 22nd we visited with the surgeon. He said a new larger valve could be installed but that it was a major operation to remove, then enlarge the opening and install a larger valve. He also said that she was living a relative normal life now so that a major operation at this time was not necessary. We were relieved to hear that it was not necessary to have a major operation at this time. Carol will need to take care of herself and watch for extra retention of water like she had while we were in New Mexico. We were able to have a good Thanksgiving and are making plans to head south for the winter. We were planning to go to Branson, MO. but the weather was looking bad in the next few days. On Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 27 and 28 the temperature was a record breaking 70 degrees, then Wednesday the temperature was to drop to below freezing with possible freezing rain and snow. Sue and Stan were thinking of meeting us in Branson but I called Stan on Tuesday and told him we were not going to Branson but were instead heading strait for Texas. We left Liberty on Wednesday, November 29.

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