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*** No Photos, I wish I had taken some photos of the snow. It was so cold I didn't think about that.*****

Wednesday, November 29, we left Liberty about 8:30 am. Carol left with the Jeep to drop some items off for Mary Anna and we met up at Highway 291 and 23rd Street and then headed south. It was now a cold and windy day with a slight drizzle and what a change, after the last two days were in the 70's. We headed down I-35 and north of Emporia it started to sleet, the windshield and wipers were starting to freeze up. We had to stop about four times to clean off the windshield so that we could see. Between El Dorado and Wichita it quit sleeting and was almost dry all the way to Guthrie, Oklahoma, where we planned to stop for the night. When we got to Guthrie about 5:00 pm, the TV was talking about a winter advisory that was moving into the area that night. Possible sleet and snow was predicted and many schools were already announcing their closing for Thursday. Thursday morning it didn't look very good for driving, so we decided to stay another day. It was sleeting and the TV was talking about if you don't have to drive, don't drive. Then that afternoon it stated to snow. We must have had about 4-6 inches but it was hard to measure because it was blowing so much and it was VERY cold. It was so cold, I decided that I had to winterize the water system of the RV or it would freeze the water lines. So, there I was outside in the cold trying to drain the water out of all the water pipes. When Sadie went outside to do her business, it took her no time at all to find her spot so she could run back inside as soon as she could. Carol and I were heading south for the winter because we didn't want to see snow this winter and now we were caught in a blizzard. According to the TV, this storm stretched from northern Texas, through Kansas City all the way to Chicago. Friday morning (Dec. 1) when we woke up it was sunny, no wind but very cold. The TV was talking about all the wrecks that had happened during morning rush hour. I was determined to get out of there and drive south because they were predicting the evening low temperature would be even lower than it was last night. Carol did not want to leave and drive on those roads. I convinced her that we had to go and that we were also running out of propane. She finally gave in, so we headed out. The first hour was slow going because the interstate only had one lane cleared. We didn't have any problems but the slop on the road was getting all over the windshield so we had to use the windshield washer a lot. South of Oklahoma City the road improved a lot and was just wet. Carol finally admitted that maybe it was the right decision to head south to warmer weather. With the slow going and the long wait at the Flying J truck stop for diesel fuel we only made it to Gainesville, Texas. We had stopped there back in July and knew there was this small campground on the south end of the factory outlet mall. They have full hook-ups for only $15 a night, what a deal. It was also warmer than Guthrie.

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