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Bar-B-Q by Jim's. This is the "place" when it comes to BBQ...

Jonathan and I are waiting for Tom to get done with his...

The announcer is talking to the crowd and leading a cheering contest.

The quads compete against one another off and on during the afternoon.

The first truck driver is introduced. "Magic" is the name of his...

Stone Crusher's driver is introduced.


Last but not least is Grave Digger!

The flag is displayed as the National Anthem is sang. They recognized...

Getting ready to start the competition.

The Magic Monster Truck.


Grave Digger jumps!

Getting ready to start the next round.

Up and over!

I'd never been to see a Monster Truck Show before. The noise...

The Instigator.

Getting ready for a new event.

Captain's Curse

Tom and Jonathan with the Monster Trucks in the background.

Deb and Jonathan in the foreground this time. GRAVEDIGGER!

Tom and Jonathan were being silly.


Time for the Freestyle part of the show.

Whoa! Tipped a little too far.

Driver is OK as he walks over for an interview.

Captain's Curse does his Tornado at the far end.

He REALLY gets going.

Grave Digger comes out and does the same thing.

Faster and faster!

Grave Digger gets the points and takes the event.

The driver waves to the crowd.

The dirt bike riders do stunts on their motorcycles for the crowd.

Next were the BMX riders with their stunt ramp.

Jonathan poses for a picture with Grave Digger in the background before...

Grave Digger.

The house where Elvis Presley was born.

The sign by the sidewalk that circled the house.

The statue of Elvis when he was a boy and Jonathan.

Elvis at age 13.

Elvis revolutionized popular music by blending the blues he first heard as...

A model of the sanctuary in the church where he sang in...

The signs on the walls are letters or notes people in the...

The memory notes continue down the wall and around the fountain. They...

Tom and Jonathan stand by a model of the car they drove...

Deb and Jonathan pose for a picture.

We have an hour long drive home with a stop at Walmart....

Tom's getting in on the fun too. He walks across the bars...

Saturday, March 1, 2008.

Allegro Campground, Red Bay, AL

Our Trip to Tupelo, Mississippi

We drove over to Tupelo, Mississippi today to check out the sights. We had stopped at the campground office to see if the couple up there had any suggestions. They thought we might enjoy seeing Elvis' Birth Place and the Car Museum. We found out there was a Walmart over in that area as well. The couple at Bay Diesel said to be sure to stop at BBQ by Jimmy if we made it over that way too so we thought we at least had some direction.

By the time we got there it was getting close to 11:30. We were going to go to the Car Museum but Jonathan didn't sound very interested in it so we figured it wouldn't be worth the admission price. We pulled up the name of BBQ by Jimmy on the GPS and found out it was right around the corner so we headed over there. While we were figuring out what we wanted to order, we were talking to the woman behind the counter. She asked us if we were from out of town and how long we would be there. She mentioned that there was a Monster Truck Madness event going on across the street at the arena. Well, that's all Jonathan needed to hear! His eyes got as big as saucers. We ordered lunch then went over to find a table. We told Jonathan we would go over and check into it. Lunch was great. The BBQ reminded me of the kind we used to have when we were in southern Illinois. It was pulled pork but you put your own sauce on. Mom would have loved it. ;-)

We went over to the arena and the prices on the tickets were reasonable so we went to the MONSTER TRUCK MADNESS event. It was fun and we got lots of pictures. Jonathan spent the afternoon with his fingers plugging his ears because his ear plugs wouldn't stay in. Tom had to run back out to the Yukon to dial into work at 1:45. He rejoined Jonathan and I in the arena around 2:30. He missed some of the show but that's how it's been lately with work. We hope things settle down soon. We enjoyed the rest of the show. They had quads racing, motorcycles doing stunts and BMX bikers performing too. Jonathan picked out a Digger Disk as a souvenier. It's like a boomerang so it should be fun to play with.

We went over to Elvis' birthplace after the Monster Truck Show was over and walked around the grounds there. We arrived about 15 minutes before it closed so we got to see the chapel but didn't have time to walk through the whole museum. The house he was born in was on the grounds and they had a circle sidewalk around it with what happened in his life in each square. Those were interesting to read. There was a wall of letters people had written about him and their memories of the times they had with him when they were young. That was fun to read too. Last, was a model of the car they left Tupelo in when they headed for Memphis.

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