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Saturday, April 5

Walmart in Ruston, LA

Heading Out After Seven Weeks in Red Bay – On the Road Again!

Jonathan had spent the night with Ricky last night so when we got up, we started getting the rig ready to go. Vickie had baked banana bread yesterday and sent some home with us so we wouldn't have to deal with making breakfast this morning. That was nice and the bread was good! I even made myself a cup of chai. I walked over and visited for a little while. Tom was cleaning the front windows so we would be able to have a nice view of Natchez Trace as we drove today and then it was going to be time to hit the road.

We talked about hooking up in about ten days down at Lake Whitney so we'll be looking forward to that. I think we pulled out of Red Bay around 10:15. We headed for Natchez Trace and drove most of the day making stops to see highlights here and there. There were mounds, scenic over looks, and other pretty spots along the way. We even got to walk part of the old Trace at one stop. That was fun. Go to this website and take a look around. You will see pictures and learn about the history and landscape of the Trace.(

We got back on the highway around Jackson, MS. We made a stop for fuel at an Exxon station. The price was pretty good compared to other places we had seen so we stopped. We were getting low too. We pulled around the back of the building so we could get lined up with the pump well and be headed out of the exit easily when it was time to leave. We got around the back and realized the place used to be a drive through and the drive-way had an overhang from the building over it. We weren't going to be able to get through so we had to unhook the Yukon and back the rig out from behind the building. Once we got that done, Tom pulled the RV around by the diesel pump. While I was putting fuel in the RV, he brought the Yukon back over and got it hooked back up. That was the fastest we had ever done that. Actually that has been the only time we've done far.

We drove on to the Super Walmart Tom and our friend Rick had scoped out the other night when we were talking about routes. (We were all going to make this drive together but their awning stopped working properly on Friday much like our window but they weren't able to get them into a bay to get it fixed until Monday.) The Walmart didn't allow trucks so we went on to the one in Ruston. There are about eight RV's here tonight so we just huddled in amongst them.

We were going to catch a bite at the Subway in the Walmart for dinner but it was closed. We checked to see if there was anything close enough to walk to and there was a Ryan's across the parking lot so we decided to do that before getting groceries. Once we were done with dinner it was 9:30. We decided to call it a night. We'll get groceries in the morning and then head out after that.

I'm going to call it a night at this point. Jonathan is already sound asleep in the back. Tom is going to sleep on the couch tonight since we decided not to put the slides out here in the parking lot.

Pictures will be coming when the hard drive is repaired.

Pictures were lost when the hard drive died.

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