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6/24/09 - We headed out about 7:30 and headed for home. Got home about 2:30 and unpacked, grabbed a sandwich and headed to Delhi to get Weebles. He was soooooo happy to see us. We had thought about taking Judie and Francis out for supper, but it wouldn’t have been very nice to leave Weebles right after we got back, so we just picked up some steaks on the way and had supper at their house. Got back home about 8 p.m. (which was actually 9 p.m. on the time zone we left that morning).


Took us until Saturday to unpack and get laundry done, but we’re all back to normal now. We’ll be going back up to Delhi today, but just to visit. I assured Weebles he could come back home with us.

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