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Iris has left last night, for normality once again in the UK, and for making daily trips to the office. Bumped into Marleen again at the airport, and we hung out together for a few extra hours, before she boarded her international bus into Peru. Hope to catch her in Peru before she flies back in a few weeks!

Now, I have resumed my solo traveller status, and the first thing I did was to sleep thirteen hours straight. People think I am on a year holiday, but they have no idea how tiring it could really be!

I know that walking only a few blocks of Ecuador's largest city doesn't quite do it justice, but the purpose of my stay here is mainly to catch up with internet and stocking up on essentials, and maybe even making a trip to see a Hollywood Blockbuster later in the evening...!

Anyways, will see, will see...

Will be heading back up north, to spend another week on the coast. Am hoping to be at Puerto Lop├ęz, for a quick trip to Isla de la Plata (Poor Man's Galapagos), some snorkleling in the warm water and learning more Spanish from my self study book!

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