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Sunday, April 20, 2008.

Thousand Trails Campground, Whitney, TX

Driving to San Antonio

Jonathan's DS alarm went off at 5:30 this morning. I kept hearing it but couldn't figure out what it was. Each time it would go off it would get a little louder so I finally realized what it was and got up and turned it off at 5:50.

I was going to get up at 6:15 to start getting ready. Tom had his alarm set for 6:30. We finally rolled out of bed at that point. We started closing things up. Tom went out to unhook everything. We didn't wake Jonathan up until 7:30. We still didn't actually get hooked up, checked out and on the road until 9:00 though which was later than we had intended.

We drove a little out of the way to get on the interstate. When we got to Waco at 10:00, we fueled up. We were going to drive to Medina first then over to San Antonio to see Haslin and Mickey for dinner. We had one more glitch come up in our navigating but we finally made it to the Thousand Trails where we would be staying. It took us longer than we anticipated to find a site. We needed something this time that would allow for the installation of the dish while we were here. We found a great site but it took us and hour and a half. We finally got on the road at 4:00. I called Aunt Mickey to let her know we were on our way. She said Don would be coming around 5:00. We arrived a few minutes after that.

We had a great visit. Uncle Haslin seemed to be doing pretty well. We had tacos for dinner then visited the rest of the evening. Mickey showed me albums and pictures from the family. Haslin is my fraternal grandmother's youngest brother. She had some great shots of my dad when he was a kid that I had never seen and a picture of my grandparents, uncle and dad together when my dad was about nine or ten years old. It just fun looking at pictures and talking together. I found out that side of our family came over with the Pilgrims. Pretty cool! I knew we went back for a ways but I hadn't made it that far back with my own research. Tom worked on the computer for a little while. We hope to get back later in the week to visit and spend some more time together.

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