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The good thing about travelling for a long time is that you can move very slowly, and you can make the spur of the moment decision, with no obligations to be at a certain place by a certain time. You can go, wherever you feel like (well, almost...)

Anyways, finally decided it was time to move on towards Peru. Woke up at eight, and was on the bus by nine, and was travelling all day until 9pm at night. Yes, there goes my orginal plan of not spending more than five or six hours a day on the bus! The distance between towns in South America is so much longer, will be able to sit on bus from London to Moscow shortly! ;)

Was actually very lucky with my connection at Guayaquil, despite not being in a rush, there was a bus departing for Loja in five minutes!. If I'd missed that, would have to wait another four hours!! It did mean I had no time to fill up my stomach, and I had to wait a further three hours for a service stop.

Not much things of interests during the bus journey (8 hours)... They showed a couple of videos, sat next to various people, who wanted to talk. One guy even gave me his business card, and swivelled around, so I would catch the full impact of his breath. Lovely. Wasn't too impressed when he tried to hold my hand. Luckily, he got bored when I ignored him, and he went to sleep without me having to retort to some drastic actions! Don't worry though Dad, they are usually quite harmless!!

Anyways, was good to make it to Loja by the evening, and hooked up with Johnny, a GAP year student from York, who's just finished three months of voluntary work in the jungle and Avril, a very well travelled Irish. She has basically been travelling ever since she's graduated... and she's 28 now! Wow! We had wanted to stay at the Hotel Londres, because of the name, but the room was quite expensive for what we would get (three people sharing, and communal bathroom). So we walked around the corner for somewhere for the same price, with own bathroom, cable TV and almost individual room.

Today, was meant to walk around the city... It sounds nice from my guide. We passed through a fairy tale like castle moat entrance when entering the town last night! Very colonial, and studently. But so far, have mainly been parking my bum in the internet cafe, catching up with stuff... Anyways!!

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