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Amistad Nat. Rec. Area Lake - Fisherman waiting for their turn to...

Blooming Cactus

Marathon RV Park

Courtyard with fireplace in background

Fountain in courtyard

Mountains in the distance

Sunset - it was even better in real life

****We did not travel through Mexico as the map shows - We made several stops on the US side to get to Marathon****

Tuesday, March 13th we left Canyon Lake RV Park and went to the local Caterpillar dealer to have the oil changed on the RV engine and on the generator. The promised, half-day job turned into a full day job. We had planned on a half-day at the service shop and then a couple hours of driving to the next destination. Those plans were scratched so we stayed one more night in Mission at the RV park we stayed at during December, Bentsen Palm Village. Wednesday we drove to Stinson RV Park & Storage, which was just outside Zapata, Texas. It was just a gravel lot along side storage garages. Thursday, we drove to Del Rio, Texas and stayed at the Holiday Trav-L-Park. It was just outside the Amistad Nat. Recreation Area, which has a large lake. It is supposedly famous for fishing and there was a huge professional fishing tournament going on last week and this week. There were only a few parking spaces open in the RV park and it was very busy but they had cable TV for Carol and Wifi for me. We stayed there two days to get Carol's blood tested and to do Wal-Mart shopping. We also took a drive around the large lake and saw some of the fisherman weighing in for the day. Saturday, St. Pats day, we drove to Marathon, Texas, which is 30 miles outside Big Bend National Park. We stayed at the Marathon Motel and RV Park. It is a nicely decorated RV Park in the typical Southwest motif including an adobe walled courtyard. They light a fire in the courtyard fireplace each evening and there was a beautiful sunset that evening. We are heading for Big Bend National Park tomorrow.

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