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This was our campsite at Lake Medina, F111.

The speed limit across west Texas was a little higher than any...

Some of the west Texas scenery along the highway.

Ooops, caught the windshield wiper in the shot. More scenery though.

More mountains in the background.

Wide open desert terrain.

Another cut through.

Tom and Jonathan are getting us hooked up at the new campground.

What a pose huh?

Jonathan twirls the hook used to pull the awning down. The satellite...

Saturday, May 3, 2008.

Carlsbad RV Park and Campground, Carlsbad, NM

Texas to New Mexico

We left Thousand Trails at Medina Lake this morning between 7:45 and 8:00. We had eaten a quick breakfast, packed sandwiches for lunch and had leftovers in the fridge waiting for when we got into the campsite for the evening. We didn't have to stop but once and that was for fuel. Ouch!

From the San Antonio area west towards New Mexico, the landscape changed from small mountains and hills to a more desert look. None of us had ever been in west Texas before so it was interesting to see the difference in terrain. Texas seems to have a little bit of everything in terms of landscapes.

We stopped in Pecos for fuel then drove the rest of the way to Carlsbad. By this time, you could see mountains in the far off distance but most of the landscape was flat, dry, desert with straight roads.

We arrived at the RV park around 4:30 and got set up right away. They are very friendly here. There are several construction people who are working on the new facility at Carlsbad Caverns staying here while the project is going on. The park is just 20 miles up the road so that will be nice if we want to go more than one time. Our plan is to spend the day there tomorrow while Tom can join us then perhaps do some of the smaller things in the area during the week.

We found the Walmart in the area. It's just two miles up the road in the other direction. It's a Super Walmart so that will be handy if we need to stock up on anything.

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