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These were the mountains in the area of the White Sands Missile...


We're past the missle range and getting up into the top of...

Jonathan took this shot as we came into the Las Cruces area.

The next few shots were taken as we drove through the Gila...




We had just come through a big copper mining town named Globe...

The drive is marked as "scenic" on the map. We are beginning...

The rock is more of a red color now and very pretty.

This was probably the prettiest shot on the drive. Just imagine it...

Another shot of the rocks but the bugs on the windshield stand...

Through the mountain tunnel.

More of the red rock. you can see a few of the...

Sunday, May 11, 2008.

AJ Campground

Apache Junction on Mother's Day

We left Alamogordo this morning around 7:45. We drove southwest past White Sands National Monument then past the Missle Range. The drive today was a scenic one. We drove through what we thought were mountainous areas earlier in the day then realized they were small compared to the mountains we drove through later. Today's pictures were all taken out the front or side windows so you may see a few "bugs in the picture" later in the day but other than that, enjoy!

We caught I-10 in the Las Cruces area. We even went through a town called University Park where New Mexico State University was located. That's the name of Deb's hometown so we thought it was kind of neat. Once we got to Lordsburg, we took 70 nrothwest through a desert area. There wasn't anyone around for miles. Straight two lane road with only two or three towns the whole way. There were mountains ranges on both sides.

Once we made it through a town by the name of Globe, the mountains and cacti blooming were just beautiful. We had seen a few hitch hikers holding up a sign a number of miles back that said "Globe". We both looked at one another and laughed thinking they just didn't care where they went did they? We had to laugh at ourselves later.

We arrived in Apache Junction around 3:30. We are staying in a campground called Countryside RV Resort. A lot of people have park model RVs here and come during the winter season. Some stay year around. We went ahead and got camp set up. Tom called his mom and Carl to let them know we were here. They came over to say hi and take a look at the RV then we all went out for dinner at a place that is known for their great chicken.

Mom and Carl had just recently moved so we drove over to their old place after dinner to see where they were living before they moved into the place they are living in now. They've been painting and working on it a lot the past month. They have things pretty well settled now. Their new place looks nice and is very roomy. We visited and relaxed for a while then headed back home.

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