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Going down the driveway when we've waited too long!

Well, it's Saturday morning and if all goes well we will hit the road after we check in town for mail. Hoping that Bob's prescription gets here today. Finished loading everything up yesterday and even had time to take my daughter to lunch (thanks Lin for joining me). I'll have to pick up more mild and orange juice, because I thought I would have full containers when we started traveling last Monday, but we've since drank them! Brewing the last pot of coffee right now and waiting for Bob to come in from the RV (where he's guarding the water again). We took the heating mattress off my bed and put it out there so he had a nice toasty night - BUT, I had the dog! We'll stay at Terrible's Casino in Osceola tonight and eat at the Maid-Rite on top of the drive, then on to Guthrie, OK to play some golf. We'll have to find somewhere in Kansas to stop the 2nd nite and hopefully they'll have cable so I can watch Desperate Housewives. See you down the road. Have to get out of here while the driveway is still clear....

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