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Carl and Mom came over to say good bye this morning.

The three of us posing in front of the rig with the...

Mom joins us as Carl takes pictures.

The drive from Apache Junction to Verde Valley.


Cacti in the desert.

A shot of another mountain range we drove through getting to Verde...

Coming to the top of the range.

Going down the other side.

We followed this truck at 25 mph all the way down the...

Looking down into the valley.

Continuing down the mountain.

Arriving at Thousand Trails.

Driving down into the campground.

The picnic dinner the Swindlings prepared. Thank you!

Playing yard games.

Getting a little dark for games but the sky is beautiful!

A shot of the campground with the sky in the background.


Sunday, May 18, 2008.

Verde Valley Thousand Trails, Cottonwood, AZ

Surprise Jonathan! Arriving in Verde Valley

We got up and started packing things up. Mom and Carl wanted us to call them once we were getting close to being ready to pull out. Jonathan called them around 8:30 I believe so they came over to say good bye. I wanted to exchange my t-shirt so mom and I ran to The Swap to do that real quick while Tom got the Yukon hooked up.

We all had our pictures taken in our matching T-shirts, said our good byes then we hit the road. Our drive was only about two and a half hours today so that wasn't too bad. Jonathan called his friend Leo back in Ottawa and talked for a while then of course Leo's mom Sheryl and I had to catch up with what was going on with one another.

When we arrived at the Thousand Trails, Tom jumped out to get us checked in and paid for. I was kind of excited because Tom and I knew we were going to be hooking up with our friends, the Swindlings, here. Amazingly, we had managed to keep it a secret from Jonathan so I was anxious to see what his reaction was going to be when he looked out the window once we pulled up in the site right next to them.

Well, Rick and Ricky had gone to run an errand but Vickie walked over and greeted Jonathan with a big hug and welcome. I think we did catch him by surprise. He was actually a little speechless!

Rick and Ricky pulled up in the van a few minutes later so after saying our hellos Tom and I went ahead and sat up camp while Jonathan went over to catch up with Ricky.

We all went over to the pool for a little while. Their pool is very nice and very well kept up. We visited while the boys played. Vickie had called us on the road and told us not to worry about dinner that they would be making dinner for all of us. That was nice! We visited while Rick was grilling then all sat down to a great picnic.

The evening was spent visiting and playing a new yard game. Can't remember the name of it but you see it in campgrounds everywhere. A couple across the way pulled in. Rick and Jonathan walked over to invite their grandaughter, Sydney, over to join the game. Boy, she was a talker! The rest of the evening was spent visiting and just relaxing. We were all tired so we called it a night.

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