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Into the foothills. Yes, the water really is this colour. No camera...

Lake Tekapo from our motel room

Sunset over the Lake

Sunset over the Lake, again

View from the top of Mount John

Mount Cook in the far distance - highest point in New Zealand

Mad amongst the "elephant rocks"

Day 1: Lake Tekapo is STUNNING and we have got the best view ever from our little motel unit. We're very close to the edge of the lake and have an uninterrupted view (we've left the bloody car way on the other side of the car park. Unlocked. With a "steal me" note.) Apparently the skies out here are the best in the world for star-gazing and there are night trips up to a nearby observatory for those who know their comets from their stars. the trips are reassuringly expensive so we didn't go for it. We did look at the night sky but it seems the same as at home, only upside down. We didn't arrive until late afternoon so we took an evening walk around the lake with lots of stone-skimming and photo taking. It does indeed get very dark at night....

Day 2: Got up and went for a walk up the nearby Mount John. We've decided not to go to Mount Cook as it's another 100k from here and we're sick of driving. The walk up Mt John is quite steep and forested but once you get to the top the views are amazing. You can see why the star-gazing is so good as there is absolutely nothing as far as the eye can see, in any direction therefore no light pollution! The walk down the other side is a much gentler slope and follows the shoreline back to the motel. The photos of this should speak for themselves. Spent the afternoon reading books which is a very agreeable way to spend time. Eventually got up and took a wander down to the Church of the Good Shepherd which was erected in memoriam to James Mackenzie who, as far as we can tell, was a Scottish sheep rustler who got caught and ended up here. A very sweet little church though and a bit further on there is a statue of a collie dog "without whose shepherding skills, this land could not have been grazed" or some such similar wording.

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