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Galleria Mall

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Busy Apple Store - Just like Southgate

Apple Store waiting room

We had breakfast and chatted to a couple from Ontario at the next table. They were happy to have left 0 temperatures which paled by comparison to ours! We got ready and set the GPS to take us to a shopping mall where a branch of Christine's favourite clothing store is located. We went through some heavy traffic and received the wrong end of a car horn when I tried to merge at one point. Otherwise the ride was uneventful.

We got parked and found a mall entrance. The whole ground level is a series of parking "garages" as they call them here. It certainly keeps the vehicles out of the sun. We went upstairs and consulted a directory to discover we were only a few stores away from the one we were seeking. Christine spent the rest of the morning trying on clothes and eventually made a selection. While the accumulated pile looked daunting, she had earned various discounts that, on my later analysis indicated overall she paid scarcely 60% of the total retail price.

We then walked the length of the mall but made no further purchases till we reached the food court. While there were plenty tables, the food outlets were quite modest and we wondered if we would be able to find something to our taste, however, we did get a sandwich which we shared. We then headed back to the car and set off in search of another store. This was interrupted by spotting a pharmacy en route where we stopped to make a couple of necessary purchases.

We continued on and found the store where Iain acquired a Tilley hat to replace the one missing a few days ago. I am now recognizable again by the family. From there we headed back to the hotel. Iain worked on the Church Newsletter and Christine read and did puzzles.

Later we went across to the nearby mall and had dinner at the Thai restaurant we had enjoyed on our first night here. We returned to the room and Iain completed the newsletter pending Christine's proof-reading and pointing out all - or at least most - of his errors. That will happen tomorrow when we also hope to go to the beaches east and slightly north of here to have a walk by the seashore which we had planned to do in Key West but the stormy weather prevented us from so doing. Hopefully the weather will be kinder to us tomorrow.

Photos have been scarce recently but hopefully they will be more plentiful from tomorrow.

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