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From Island view of Lake Havasu with city in background

Close-up of city

View of Harbor from London Bridge

London Bridge

Bridge, Harbor and Mountains

Havasu RV Resort - after winds quit

Wednesday, April 11, 2007, we leave Williams and head for Lake Havasu City. We took I-40 west and head down hill out of Williams loosing about 3000 feet in elevation. It was a slow decline except for one short area. We are now back into desert area until about Kingman, AZ. We head south into some smaller mountains before we reach Lake Havasu City, which is the home of the London Bridge and the huge Lake Havasu. The lake is a dammed section of the Colorado River after it goes through the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, forming Lake Mead. The Colorado River is also the border river between Arizona and Nevada and California. Lake Havasu is a large lake and Lake Havasu City surrounds the east shore and then London Bridge takes you across a small harbor to a large island within the lake. London Bridge was purchased from London in April 1968 for just under 2.5 million. Three years later and another 4.5 million to transport and build the bridge; the grand opening was October 10, 1971. The island has several businesses, hotels and RV Parks and a Holiday Inn is being built there. The main land town is full of RV parks, RV dealers, and boat dealers. Lake Havasu City is also known for its winter homes and a spring break hangout. Our purpose of going to Lake Havasu City is to visit 3-T's RV Products, which designed an aftermarket heavy-duty shock absorber system, which is supposed to improve the handling and ride of the RV. I read about it in some RV magazines and saw some testimonials about how it improves the ride. I have been looking at several other systems and this is the lower priced and has some good reviews. Our appointment is for 7:30 am on Thursday. I ask if we can stay the night on their lot. We and three other motorhomes spend the night on their tiny lot but we all are provided electricity for the night. It is so tight that we had to be moved before any other RV could be moved so we are the first ones in the garage Thursday morning. We were told it was about a half-day job, so we take Sadie and the Jeep and go look around the town and lake. They are finished when we return just after lunch. We decide to stay at a local RV park since it is sort of late in the day to start traveling and besides that a front has moved in and the wind has started to blow with great force. We pick the Havasu RV Resort because by the directory it is one of the cheaper establishments. Even with the Good Sam discount it is $48 a night. We are definitely only staying one night at that price. Granted it is a very nice place and it reminded us of the fancy place we stayed at in Mission, Texas but it is way over priced. That afternoon the wind rocked the RV and blew up the dust and sand so that we could hardly see the surrounding mountains. The scenery around here is great to see but Carol and I keep talking about how barren the landscape is. I guess we are just die-hard mid-westerners who miss the nice green grass and green trees. Friday we are heading to Yuma, AZ.

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