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Drove into Guthrie this morning and gassed up, then headed out for Texas. It was pretty chilly (colder than Maquoketa), so Bob got under the hood to turn the heater on (we have a few idiosyncrasies in this RV). About 30 miles from Guthrie we went through Kingfisher, OK – which is the birthplace of Sam Walton. They have a statue in the middle of town, but it’s definitely not him… It’s just turning “fall” down here – the leaves are all starting to change but they are more muted than back home. Not nearly as pretty to look at. Drove by a lot of dark red clay earth, and crossed the Red River when we got into Texas (which is the same color as the clay). Passed fields of cotton – some of it was baled but a lot hasn’t been picked yet. It was a long day today, especially for Bob as he was driving in the wind again and we came 315 miles (almost 6.5 hours). We’re at our little free parking spot in Haskell, Tx. They have electric, water and sewer but no wifi. But at least we can pull in some channels on the TV so I can watch Desperate Housewives tonight. Good thing because Bob said he wouldn’t play cribbage with me – I keep trying to tell him that he’ll always be behind if he doesn’t play. It’s about 200 miles to Midland, where we’ll land for awhile tomorrow. I've taken some pics on my cell phone, but haven't figures out how to send them to my email so I can put them on here!

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