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The view after going through the cut into the valley.

I thought this was a pretty shot of the valley and the...


Tom and Jonathan standing under the elevation sign.

Jonathan and Deb as with the valley in the background.


We arrive at the park.

The first stop along the circular drive around the park.

You can see the bridge better in this shot.

Jonathan shoots us.

The guys.

Heading down the trail at the next pull-out.

Getting a little closer as we go down.

The pine branch makes a nice frame for the shot.

Tom and Jonathan come down the steps. This was a thirty some...

Next came the ladder.

The trail followed this wall as it descended.

Tom looks at the sheer drop of the wall.

We make it out to the point where the bridge can be...

We can see through the opening of the brigde easily from this...

A shot from a little further back.


Tom and Jonathan out on the point of the walk.

Jonathan likes to rock climb.

You can see the ledge we are standing on it this shot....

Tom with his "hand on the bridge".


Another family arrives and we play photographer for one another. They have...

Tom and Jonathan start walking back towards the trailhead.

The sign that is posted as you walk out toward the end...

Jonathan climbs up into the shelter that someone has built out of...

We catch a shot of a raven sitting on the fence post.

A desert flower.

Back up on top now.



We have hiked down to a different bridge and taken the advice...

Tom and Jonathan with the bridge in the background. We spend some...

Deb and Jonathan.

A shot of the bridge without us in it.

Jonathan fixes a rock pile that has fallen down.

We left Natural Bridges Monument and are now driving through Glen Canyon...

The rock here is a deep red instead of white and the...



Here you see some of the white rock down in the crevices...





We pulled into the town called Hite alongside Lake Powell. This was...

Jonathan dips his hand into Lake Powell.

Lake Powell. It's been so low for the past couple years people...




Driving up to a lookout point above the lake.

Lake Powell looking over Hite and the campground we were at a...

I think somebody's tickly box is turned over.

We ran into a motorcycle rider here that Tom had met in...

A picture of the bridge over the river.

Back down through the cut on our way back home.

A shot of the bridge with the rock formations in the background.


We made a stop at the sign on the way out of...



This area is open range so we see cattle along the roadside...

We know we're getting close to home when we head through this...

Sunday, June 8, 2008.

Blue Mountain RV Park, Blanding, UT

Natural Bridges Monument/Glen Canyon/Lake Powell

We just got home from being out all day. At one point we were in the Visitor's Center at Natural Bridges Monument and they had the national radar on the computer screen there. We saw a big red/yellow cell that looked like it might have reached the midwest area but it looked like it hit the southwest corner of Wisconsin harder. (We found out that a tornado had gone through Illinois just west of Deb's family but nobody was hurt.)

The weather here was gorgeous today. We went to Natural Bridges National Monument. We drove and hiked there for the biggest part of the day. There were lots of natural bridges worn out of sandstone over the years. We took a long drive through Glen Canyon to Lake Powell after that. The day was great.

When we got back to Blanding, we stopped at A&W to grab a bite to eat. We had packed a picnic lunch for earlier in the day but when we got back it was 8:00 and we were all hungry!

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