2010 - 2011 Adventure travel blog

11/16/10 Got set up this morning (Tuesday) – got slightly lost on the way here but I just kept following Bob (in addition to stopping at a gas station and asking!) and we finally got here. Had to cross the tracks at one point and a train was coming. I thought Bob had seen it (I was following in the car) but he hadn’t and it almost ran him over (scarred the begeeses out of him)! Met Ben for lunch at Cici’s Pizza, then went to Walmart and back to the RV to finish getting set up. We weren’t able to put our slide-out out until we got more distilled water to fill the batteries that are in a bay underneath the slide-out. Bob had me get a magazine that has a “chocolate diet” in it and then we also had to buy a candybar! Forgot to mention we saw a LOT of dead skunks on the way down here. Always seemed to be on my side… Only getting 2 channels on the TV, and one is a religious one, so we’ll have to set up our Dish, but we do get internet. There are a LOT of burs around here so we have our big rug out front, but Weebles still has to walk in them to do his duty. We have quite a few flies in here, and I keep missing them. Low and behold, my swatter has holes in it, maybe that’s the problem.

11/17/10 Still windy today. At least we’re not in the other park where you couldn’t even see for all the dust/gravel blowing. Here we front on a 2-lane paved road so there’s only about 100 yards of gravel in front of us. Wind is supposed to end later today and then it will be nice for a number of days (70’s, sunny). More things we forgot from home (sewer hose extension, collapsible water bag to hold down satellite dish, distilled water). Amazing how much didn’t get put in when we took so long to load! Decided not to worry about putting the TV/Internet dishes up today. This digital TV is a joke – can’t hold a picture for more than 30 seconds, and all that’s been on today are court TV programs. We’ll try to get some more stuff put away today (still have a shower full of stuff and a few boxes sitting in the bathroom that keep getting in our way). End of day – didn’t get much put away. Drove to Big Lots and spent a whopping $4+ (another chocolate candy bar and a birthday card), then went to check out where there’s a Laundromat so I can get some clothes washed. Everything is about 10 miles away from where we’re at, but we drove that far to town and back at home so it’s not that big a deal. I’ll start going through the change jar tonight and picking out the quarters!

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