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We met the Moon family yesterday. Their dad and grandpa are biking...

Scenery on the way to Arches National Park.




This arch was along the drive to Moab. We were able to...

Now we're getting closer to the mountains.





There's a place ahead on the left called "Hole in the Rock."...

Quite the drop off on the left!



Our campsite at Spanish Trail campground in Moab, UT.

Jonathan pulls his bike out and starts riding! Checking things out.

Tom's taking care of the important stuff.

Jonathan says "Time for a break".

I liked this shot because of the sign in the background. Time's...

This is the shot from our front yard across the road.

Another shot of the mountains as we walk across the road for...

Thursday, June 12, 2008.

Spanish Trail Campground, Moab, UT

Our Drive to Moab

Tom had to work today. Jonathan enjoyed the time he had to play with the kids who pulled in last night. I walked over to see if it was okay if he could sit with them for lunch if I made him a sandwich. He was really not looking forward to seeing them go. I talked with their mom, Mary, for a little while and found out that her husband and father-in-law were doing a cross country bike trip and that they were the support team. Marcia, her mother-in-law and her sister-in-law Andrea were part of the crew along with the kids Haley, Dallin and Elijah.

The husbands put their back wheel into the Pacific Ocean then started riding toward the Atlantic. It will take most of the summer but so far it sounds like it's been fun. Mary did say she and Marcia were beginning to get tired of tearing down and setting up the pop-up everyday though.

After the Moon family left, it was time for us to start getting ready to go too. I ran to the grocery store. Jonathan and I got some things ready around the RV so we could be ready to roll as soon as Tom was done with work. We were planning on heading out a little earlier but we got to talking to the man that worked at the campground and got started about an hour later than we planned but that's OK.

We had a pretty drive. We were able to see parts of Canyonlands along the way. We didn't spot Spanish Trails Campground right away though. We turned right off the main road and called. As it turned out, it was in the trees right across the street. We drove over. Jonathan wanted to ride his bike right away and it seemed like a nice place for him to do that, especially after a drive, so while Tom and I were setting up, he rode his bike for a while.

We walked across the road for a bite to eat since it was coming up on Father's Day and we knew we would be driving all day Sunday. Tonight would be Tom's night to pick the place. The steakhouse across the road looked good I guess.

We turned in when we got back because tomorrow was going to be a full day.

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