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Cottonfields in bloom

Cottonfields after cotton is picked

I put a couple pictures on here showing a cottonfield in bloom, and after it’s picked.


Didn’t do much today except laundry. Watched Grey’s/Private Practice. Pork Chops/Rice for supper.


Cleaned up around water spigot. Hooked up gas bottle to LP. Vacuumed RV. Watched Office and Apprentice. Went to Ben’s for supper. Delicious very thick hamburgers. Dixie (Elkins) Merritt and her husband Bob (Biscuit) also came. Had a good time reminiscing about the old days at DAC, the bowling team, etc. MARC (Midland ARC - where they all work – Ben is Executive Director and Dixie is Vocational Services Director, and her husband Biscuit works in maintenance) has started a hydrophonic greenhouse where they raise tomatoes. Very good, as we had some with our hamburgers. They also plan on raising pecans in the future. We’ll go to look at the operation the first part of December.

11/20/10 - Dixie’s son is arriving today for a week’s visit so she’ll be busy with that, and with Thanksgiving coming up, so we’ll go the following week to see MARC’s sheltered workshop and green house. Went to the Farmers’ Market this morning and visited with Dixie and Biscuit, bought some fresh farm eggs and some grass-fed hamburger patties. Then stopped at DQ for their $5 meal – more than filling, and the chocolate truffle mini-blizzards were great! Will be 80 degrees today so we’ll just lounge around with the doors and windows open and enjoy the day and watch the IOWA GAME. Will have BLT sandwiches for supper with our hydrophonic tomatoes (PS, they can be ordered by mail!).

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