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Wednesday, April 25, 2007, we drove to Bakersfield, CA. We drove about a half an hour to get out of the LA area. We caught I-5 and headed north through some mountains again. Steep climbs and then down hill, although there were eight lanes on the interstate, which helped. We then took CA-99 to arrive in Bakersfield at The Country RV Park by mid-afternoon. The only reason for going to Bakersfield was to try to contact one of my old video production students, who was working for a TV station there. The only way I knew how to contact him was by e-mail. The RV Park had WiFi so I sent him an e-mail. He responded Thursday morning, so we set up a tour of his TV station for Friday afternoon. Justin's job at the station is dispatcher but on this particular day he was also to be producer of the 5:00 pm news show. The producer picks the stories, writes the script, plans camera shots, and writes the graphics that show up on the screen. The director sees that it all happens the way it was written. During the news show I was allowed to sit between Justin and the director in the control booth. At this small station they have a computer program that controls everything during the news show. This program controls the cameras remotely, tape decks, audio, graphics and everything. The director has to set up the computer program before the show and make sure everything is included and at the right time. Then during the show he just hits the space bar on his computer keyboard, to activate the next activity. He can make some adjustments via the three monitors and joysticks if needed during the show. Really slick. At every other TV station I have visited there is a person or persons on camera, tape decks, audio, graphics etc. It was really interesting and good to see how well Justin is doing in the video world. He is moving up to Spokane, Washington in about a month, which is a larger TV station.

Saturday, we are heading for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

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