2010 - 2011 Adventure travel blog

11/21 – 11/22 Our BLT sandwiches were delicious – made with our “Hydro-Licious” tomatoes from MARC Industries. Last night was the first that we didn’t run our little electric heater – just got by with the electric blanket. It only got down to 50. It’s supposed to be 77 today so Bob and Ben are going golfing. It’s supposed to be fairly windy so I hope they are golfing “with the wind”! We have a little “porthole” in the RV by the passenger seat that Weebles likes to lay by and look out at the world. Once in awhile a dog will walk by and he starts to whine but we make him stay inside. We constantly have trains going by, and when they do we lose the tv signal for about 15-20 seconds (on our 2-channel setup!). Since we’ll only be here a few weeks we decided not to go through all the hassle of setting up our Dish, so we just tolerate it. All that’s on during the day are TV court shows, and we only get ABC and FOX so we hear the same commercials over and over and over! Oops - tonight we can’t get on the Internet, but are getting in all kinds of TV channels! Maybe it’s the wind ???? Bob had a good time golfing…I think the wind and hard dry ground on the course helped! I stopped at the Goodwill and picked up some books. Had “grain fed” hamburgers for supper, but I wasn’t impressed. They seemed kind of tough.

11/23 Loafed most of day, then Bob wanted to go to Goodwill, so we went and found him some audio books. Then we had to go to Wal-mart to get him a cassette player/recorder so he could listen to them (as he left his at home, saying he wouldn’t need it!). It’s supposed to get down to 19 this week, so we’ll have to start our little electric heater in the bay and run the furnace – brrr.

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