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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wed – Bob sat outsite in the lawnchair soaking up some sun in 78 degree weather. First time he’s gotten to use it since we bought it over a year ago!

Thursday we loafed around, then got the water turned off to the RV and the heater set up to keep the bay and water tank warm for the 14 degree temp we were expecting Thanksgiving night. Went to Ben and Melissa’s for Thanksgiving dinner and met some old (Marvin, Susan and Megan) and new (Nacho) friends there. Waaayyyy too much food! Bob went with Ben to make sure the hydrophonic greenhouse was being kept warm enough on this cold night. Then came home and let Weebles out to do his duty (brrrrr). Wonderful day.

Friday 11/26 - We had the electric heaters on and set the RV furnaces at 50 degrees to make sure nothing froze up – and it didn’t! Halleluiah I slept in, as my night-time pill that I took at 10 didn’t kick in until 3 this morning. Bob was doing dishes when I got up, so I finished those up. Just loafed around all day.

Saturday 11/27 – Ran out of LP gas in our 20# cylinder during the night so Bob went out first thing this morning and turned on the RV gas. Put the other 20# cylinder on later in the day. Went to Big Lots and picked up a few things, came home and put more water in the RV and the engine batteries. Had leftover turkey and rice and Bob headed to bed at 7...he had to make up for staying up until 9 last night!

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