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More photos of my last morning in Copacabana...

...just chilling and enjoying the wonderful views!

...not quite dressed for a swim though, unfortunately!

A window sketched in on the side of a house

And into Peru again! Town planning in Puno...

...slightly different urban development leading up to the port...

Hmm! I wanna have a ride on these boats!! :p

We had a little lie in, and when on the search for breakfast (by now, all the chefs were up and cooking, unlike the previous day!), we ran into many familiar faces. Copa is a really small place, and it's funny how everyone ends up in the same places when travelling! People tend to go either to Puno, then onwards to Cusco, or the other direction to La Paz.

So although Emily and Amanda were heading onwards to La Paz, I was on the same bus with Steve and Carla (for Cusco), and a pair of American guys towards Puno. Having left Peru for Bolivia for more than one day, I managed to get myself another sixty days in Peru when we crossed the border again! But hopefully I should leave Peru way before the sixty days are up!!

At Puno got myself a cheapie hotel - very basic, but hey, it's only 12 soles (less than $4!). Ran into the American guys, Todd (who speaks even more than me!) and Aarron (a town planning student in New York) at the train station, as they were trying to purchase a ride to Cusco, and also from Cusco to Machu Pichhu. I was tempted to go back to Cusco by train, as if it's booked 24 hours in advance, the half price discount would make it the same price as the bus, though it takes longer. But the discount wasn't available, but I managed to find myself company for a walk around Puno and also dinner.

We tried to walk to the Yavari Museum, where an iron hulled boat built in England was docked. Apparently all the pieces were shipped to the Pacific coast, and then transported

over the Andes and then reassembled. It's no longer sailing, but can be visited as a museum. Unfortunately it's not opened as a museum either, on the evening we arrived, but found that we were actually on the dock for boats to the islands nearby, so managed to get some more information on departure times and costs of the trips.

By now, the sun has set. Next item on the itinerary was to go for a drink. We all tried out different drinks... All hot to ward off the cold. I had a hot tea with a generous portion of pisco (Peru's national spirit, made of grapes), Aarron tried out a huasapata - a hot blend of orange and pineapple juice with pisco, very nice! - and Todd had a hot wine. Then it was time for dinner. The resturant we went to was very nice, and the waiter was kind enough to steal something vegetarian from the a la carte for my set meal menu. Haven't been eating three courses for a while!! The two Americans really let their country down by not being able to finish their meal!! Even though managed to get them some free drinks as belated and up and coming birthdays!! Oh well!!

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