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Sunday 11/28 - Big adventure for the day was going to HEB. It’s fun to shop there because they have all these “buy one, get something else free” coupons all over the store. We ended up making 4 purchases that got us free stuff (not that we needed the free stuff, but who can pass it up….and I’m sure it cost us in the end!). Finally found a post office across from HEB and got my great niece’s birthday card sent off (her birthday was yesterday and I got it for a 2-year-old although she turned 3….).

Monday 11/29 – all’s well that ends well, is that what they say? When I went to the Laundromat last week I drove right to it. This time I ended up driving 23 miles (taking 40 minutes) for what should have been an 8-mile 15 minute trip. I get sooooo lost in this city. Luckily all I have is time these days and we get good gas mileage! Then I put my dryer sheet in a dryer across from my washer, and while I was digging the clothes out of the washer to transfer them, some lady came over and put her clothes in the dryer! Glad I hadn’t also put my quarters in yet… We’re waiting to hear from Dixie about taking a tour of MARC Industries’ sheltered workshop and greenhouse. We also want to go to the “Friends of the Library” bookstore before we leave the area. I recognize the name of the street it’s on from one of my “circling the city” trips, but don’t know if I can find it again! Had a surprisingly good supper last night – elk brats with spicy cheese inside, mashed potatoes with sour cream/chives, cottage cheese and a hydrophonic tomato. Mmm mhhhm good  With milk and double-stuff Oreos for dessert. Got down in lower 20’s last night and supposed to be in 20’s for most of the week at night, with 50-60’s daytime. Nothing to brag about here! I think we’ll probably head farther south next week as one of Bob’s buddies from last time is at Del Rio (Amisted Park) already and I can find my way around there.

Tuesday 11/30/10 Had to use the tweezers this morning to get a sticker out of poor Weebles' paw.

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