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Help! Bagpipes! Hundreds of the b*ggers!

Dunedin or Edinburgh?

Dour Scottish Architecture

Day 1: Arrived in Dunedin late afternoon- it was difficult to get accomodation here as it's a university town and the students start back on Monday so there are lots of well-wishing families clogging up the motels. We are staying at the Alcala Motor Lodge which has a kind of Spanish / Eldorado / Crossroads style look about it. Our room is very very dark and has been christened "Bat Cave II". The facilities are OK and there's a good old Pak'n'Save in town so we won't starve. It's the Edinburgh of New Zealand (Dunedin is Celtic for Edinburgh) and this was proved when we took a stroll up the High Street and were confronted by at least 100 bagpipers marching down the street playing Scotland the Brave. Ahh, the sweet sound of 100 tortured sheeps stomachs... Also we can't escape statues of Robbie Burns!

Spent most of the evening surrounded by tourist info leaflets, trying to devise a route plan for the next few days.

Day 2: We have decided to try and cycle the Otago RailTrail which is an old disused railway line. It takes 3-5 days to complete and we're aiming to do it in 4 (am I mad signing up for this??). There's a guy called Neville who runs a tour company specialising in this route so we called him and he has sorted out bike hire, accommodation en-route and transport to and from Dunedin!! He was really really helpful and we're meeting him tomorrow to get the bikes etc and then we're off so all we have to do is pray for good weather....

We get back to Dunedin Thursday evening and so for simplicity sake we have booked another night at the Alhambra Bat Cave. Spent the afternoon at the Otago Museum - very good, usual mish mash plus a whole heap of stuffed animals.

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