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Fire Safety talk at RV Life on Wheel Conf.

Saturday, May 6, we drove to Bowling Green, Ky. It was a short drive of about one hour. After getting settled in we drove around the town, went to the Camping World store, Wal-Mart and checked out Western Kentucky Univ. where some of the classes will be held later in the week. Sunday was rainy so just stayed in. Monday, I went to the Hidden River Cave, where you ride a boat into this cave.

Then I went to the General Motors assembly plant where all they produce is the Corvette. Then to the Corvette Museum where they have many Corvettes on display.

The ultimate goal at Bowling Green was the RV Life on Wheels seminars, which began on Wednesday afternoon. The Pre-conference was primarily for the "neewbies". There were 15 "rigs"( motorhome or 5th wheel) with people that had their RV for only a few days to some that had their unit for a year or so. The classes were geared to the basic operation of all the systems on your RV. I felt I was knowledgeable of most of the systems, but we did learn some things, also. One of the 3 techs, visited each person's RV to answer individual questions. One of the people in attendance was a teacher at NKC High School the first couple of years I started there. He had since moved to Indiana, and is ready to retire this summer. He and his wife had a motorhome the same size as ours and it was also a Winnebago product. Small world. Friday afternoon the real conference started, with about 90 "rigs" from California to Florida. Saturday the classes started. Four classes Saturday, 4 classes Sunday and 2 classes on Monday. Subjects such as: Electronic Communications for RVers, RV weight safety, Personal Blog, GPS traveling, Air brake system, RV Retirement - Fulfill the Dream, Snowbird Roosts, Fire Safety, The Frugal RVer, Boondocking, Basic Diesel Engine Maintenance and many others. One of the classes Carol took was the fire safety class. She had a chance to put out a fire with the extinguisher. I didn't get a good picture of her in action. Everybody stepped in front of me when I was ready to take that picture. Notice in the background of this photo, all the motorhomes. Those are the people that "Boodocked" at the conference parking lot.

We chose to stay at the campground where we could have utilities. The conference ended mid day on Monday the 15th. We left Bowling Green Tuesday morning after getting the motorhome weighed by one of the instructors from the RV seminar. He did a four point weighing so that you know if one side of the motorhome is heavier that the other and sets the proper air pressure in the tires.

P.S. The rear view monitor arrived while here and I got it installed. It did not take but a few minutes. Has been working fine.

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