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Well, I finally got out of pure desert and into hills that are a bit greener and grass that is a dark red in the stems, like prairie grass. I am staying at "Top of the Hill" RV park and it is on top of a hill over I-10, just west of the town of Boerne.

I checked out a rails-to-trails bike path in Boerne this afternoon. Then I went back west to see Comfort, TX, an antique town. I found the spot where 8 young campers were killed in a flash flood in 1987 along the raised banks of the Guadalahara River. It's hard to imagine the river rising and flowing so fast, as it is low and lazy right now.

Downtown Comfort is full of old houses and antique stores. They love Christmas and will have a Christmas parade this Saturday - I can't stay to see it. I found out that German immigrants founded the town and were called "free thinkers" because of their beliefs. they didn't want Texas to cede from the Union and some of them were killed by Confederates for trying to get to Union troops to join them. there is a monument in town dedicated to them.

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