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Fort Lauderdale Beach

Another View

Looking the other way

And again

The promenade and beach-side road

Christine keeping warm

Heater the staff used to keep warm

Bye from the beach

We had breakfast and returned to the room where Christine proof read the newsletter and I made the corrections.

It was a cool morning, though quite pleasant for us, and even with the easing of the big chill in Edmonton, much warmer than at home. We set off for Fort Lauderdale Beach and, almost by accident, parked at what turned out to be a very convenient spot. We left the car and headed north on the promenade paralleling the beach, watching the ships on the horizon, the people on the beach and those, like ourselves, strolling the sidewalk. The sun shone and it was pleasant as long as you kept moving. There was a wind which increased in strength as the day wore on.

We walked a couple of miles before turning back, then crossing to the other side of the street where hotels and restaurants are situated. We had noted a cafe on our way north and as we headed back south watched out for it. It looked just as attractive from this side of the street and we got a table and ordered a very satisfying lunch served by an extremely attentive waiter who noted Christine feeling the coolness and apologized for not having a blanket, but produced a tablecloth and proceeded to wrap it around her. She said it just cut the wind and made her feel warmer. We had a leisurely meal then tackled the adjoining pastry shop to collect a sandwich and almond tart for our evening meal. We headed the rest of the way back to the car and drove the route we had walked and a good deal further, but first shrubbery then buildings obscured the view so we were glad we had turned back on our walk when we did. We headed back to the hotel more or less the way we had come.

Once at the hotel we tidied out the car, made arrangements for me to get back to the hotel via the shuttle. I returned the car to the airport and caught the hotel shuttle back to the hotel. We then ate the provisions we had picked up at lunchtime and set to get the packing done. This was accomplished with minimum fuss despite the additional wardrobe acquired here. We did not weigh it as that is not a consideration going on the ship, but time will tell for the journey home.

Tomorrow we embark on Holland America's Koningsdam with two days at sea before making landfall in Philipsburg on Sint Maartin on Saturday.

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